Wang & Buzsaki 1996

Wang & Buzsáki 1996

Model from: Wang XJ, Buzsaki G (1996) Gamma oscillation by synaptic inhibition in a hippocampal interneuronal network model. J Neurosci 16:6402-13

NEURON version of model:

This model was originally developed in NEURON

More details on the original NEURON version of this model here.

In addition we created a simplified NEURON version, with a single cell and current clamp (in order to create a .mep file, which against LEMS/NeuroML2 implementation could be tested). More detailes on this NEURON version here

NeuroML2/LEMS version of model

The model has been converted to NeuroML2/LEMS:

More details on the NeuroML2/LEMS version of this model here.

Build Status

Developer: András Ecker

Scientific Coordinator: Padraig Gleeson

The original published version of this model is available on ModelDB

This model was originally developed in: ?

The code for this model is hosted on GitHub: