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Most of the interactions between SBML and LEMS/NeuroML showcased here are enabled by:

- The SBML to LEMS import function in: [org.neuroml.importer](https://github.com/NeuroML/org.neuroml.import/blob/master/src/main/java/org/neuroml/importer/sbml/SBMLImporter.java)

- The LEMS/NeuroML to SBML export function in: [org.neuroml.export](https://github.com/NeuroML/org.neuroml.export/blob/master/src/main/java/org/neuroml/export/sbml/SBMLWriter.java)

Note these features can be accessed easily with the [jNeuroML](https://github.com/NeuroML/jNeuroML) tool. For example:

- Load LEMSFile.xml using jLEMS, and convert it to SBML format:

jnml LEMSFile.xml ~~sbml

* Load SBMLFile.sbml using jSBML, and convert it to LEMS format using values for duration & dt in ms
jnml~~sbml-import SBMLFile.sbml duration dt

**Note that these features are still in active development!**