This project is being developed as part of the OpenWorm project. This is an attempt to convert the model of Boyle & Cohen, 2008 into NeuroML format for use on NEURON and other simulators.

See here for more details.

In development - multiple approaches being taken, pure NEURON, NeuroML 2, libNeuroML/Pyramidal. See commit messages for individual directories for more information.

NeuroML v2.x support

Developer: Andrey Palyanov, Giovanni Idili, Joe Bowen, Matteo Cantarelli, Michael Currie, Mike Vella, Padraig Gleeson, Sergey Khayrulin, Stephen Larson, Timothy Busbice, Vahid Ghayoomi
Scientific Coordinator: Mike Vella

This model was originally developed in: C++

The code for this model is hosted on GitHub:

Tags: OpenWormMuscle cell modelNeuromusculature system