Conversion of hippocampal CA1 pyramidal cell from Migliore et al 2005.

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This model has been fully converted to NeuroML version 1.8.1. This process was described in Gleeson et al. 2010 (

This model can currently be executed in NEURON, GENESIS, MOOSE and PSICS. It can also be exported to pure NeuroML2 and from there converted to NEURON using jNeuroML.

NeuroML v2.x support NeuroML v1.x support

NEURON support GENESIS 2 support MOOSE support PSICS support

Developer: Padraig Gleeson
Scientific Advisor: Angus Silver

The original published version of this model is available on ModelDB

This model was originally developed in: NEURON

The code for this model is hosted on GitHub:

Tags: Hippocampal formationCA1Detailed cell model

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