CA1 PV+ fast firing cell - Ferguson et al. 2013

Ferguson el al. 2013: PV+ fast-firing cell

1 . Ferguson KA, Huh CY, Amilhon B, Williams S, Skinner FK (2013) Experimentally constrained CA1 fast-firing parvalbumin-positive interneuron network models exhibit sharp transitions into coherent high frequency rhythms. Front Comput Neurosci 7:144

This two-variable simple model is derived based on patch-clamp recordings from the CA1 region of a whole hippocampus preparation of PV+ fast-firing cells. Since basket cells, axo-axonic cells and bistratified cells can be PV+ and fast-firing, this model could be representative of these cell types.

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Developer: AndrĂ¡s Ecker, Padraig Gleeson

Scientific Coordinator: Frances Skinner

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