CA1 Oriens Lacunosum Moleculare - Saraga et al. 2003

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Alexandre Guet-McCreight, 25 Sep 2015 16:36

CA1 Oriens Lacunosum Moleculare

Saraga et al, 2003

Versions of the project

NEURON Simulation

This model can run by starting the mosinit.hoc with:
nrngui mosinit.hoc
or double clicking on the mosinit.hoc file after the mod files have been compiled (nrnivmodl compiles in unix, mknrndll in mswin, mac)

Select a figure by clicking on a figure name.

Previously Reported Bugs

20150416 Note from the ModelDB administrator: A bug noted by Mohamed
Sherif and fix provided by Ted Carnevale updates the IA.mod file so
that the a,b states change.